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DELIVERY-4-ALL is a restaurant-warehouse solution that connects restaurant brands with consumers through our unprecedented business model. Through our food production/distribution facility, we lease kitchen units to multiple restaurant brands, both big & small.

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Through our food production/distribution facility, we lease kitchen units to multiple restaurant brands, both big & small. Delivery-4-All, will distinguish itself by bringing a more personalized touch to its business. Customers will have their food delivered by not strangers but employees who actually work for the individual businesses, who have knowledge about the food that is being delivered and they can share this with the customers that they interact with. Hamilton is a city buzzing with life and also happens to be the home for many delicious restaurants and different types of food. Delivery-4-All will now make its customers’ lives much easier by making meals and brands so easily accessible to the public. Delivery-4-All will deliver whatever the customer chooses to order and aim to bring it directly to their doorstep in a timely manner. Customers will also have the opportunity to explore our curbside pick-up options and can stop by our store in person. Above all, Delivery-4-All will also prioritize accountability and ensure all customers are experiencing a one of a kind experience when choosing to support this business


Ian Carr has been active within the food industry for a very long time. He first opened the doors to Island Hi Eatery back in 1999 within Bermuda, which would serve a massive Canadian expat community. Ian’s main goal was always to give back to the community and to ensure that every customer’s experience at the restaurant was a positive one. 30 years down the road, nothing has changed. Ian is now coming to the east end of Hamilton and will be bringing his values with him.  He will stay true to his values and continue to provide great food, comfort and splendid service.  



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Our Restaurants.

Island Hi Eatery is a restaurant that provides customers with comfort food with a touch of island influence.

Island Hi Eatery: Simple, wholesome comfort food with a touch of island flair.

Island Hi is all about good food and good people. We believe a customer is more than just a transaction and that we are connecting wholesome food with family while creating a trusting, respecting relationship with all that we meet, sharing our one love and well food in Hamilton, ON.


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